My Anohana cosplay group from Sunday at Otakon! FEATURING CYNTHIA’S LUMINESCENT EYEBROWS

kuixin as Menma 

Michael as Poppo

Me as Jintan

Erin as Tsuruko (she doesn’t have a tumblr)

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    Oh my gosh I wish I was at Otakon to see this ;A;
  3. kuixin said: oh and i just realized this but your badge is awkwardly covering your crotch area in the second pic XD
  4. sectumsempsarah said: holy cRAP YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE
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I remember my first glimpse, of a face, I saw you smiled then I smiled, I was straight, blown away, mesmerized by your beauty from your feet to your hands.
How can one be so beautiful, I don’t understand.

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